Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center is a nonprofit organization served by a governing board of directors. Directors volunteer their time to act as advisors and advocates of Little Bit's mission and to assure proper allocation of funds. Directors also assist in garnering support and contributions on behalf of the organization to assure services retain the highest standards and remain financially accesssible to children and adults with disabilities.


Board of Directors

Ken Kleve, President
Jennifer Sizemore
Sally Gregg, Vice President Janet M. Brown
Christy Hale, Secretary  Jeff Gollnick
John Plaisted, Treasurer  Pat McCowan
Michael Gaberman
Jane Todaro, MD
Jeff Nielsen
Advisory Board
Jeff Renner John Merner
Barbara Burnett Katie Knight
Charles Burnett Linda Kelleran
Stephen Glass, M.D. Lish Whitson
Robert V. Fleck, DVM Mary Lou Misrahy
Ted Herb