Sponsor A Horse

Sponsoring a Little Bit Horse

Over the course of a year, the cost of feed, shavings, horse shoes, standard veterinary care, and standard care and training for horses add up to $5,550 per horse.  Happy and healthy horses are key to our success and that of our participants. Your support will enable Little Bit to continue providing high quality care for our horses, while keeping the cost of lessons and therapy as low as possible for our riders.

We therefore invite you to partner with Little Bit to maintain the health of our amazing therapy herd through sponsoring a Little Bit horse. Sponsorships are available to individuals, companies, clubs, or any other organization. Click here to visit our herd.

Exclusive annual sponsorships (one sponsor per horse) are available for $5,000. Shared annual sponsorships for our remaining horses begin at $1,000.

Your sponsorship will be recognized as follows:

  • Certificate of Sponsorship with a picture of your horse.
  • Your name engraved in brass on the stall door.
  • Recognition in Little Bit publications.
  • Personalized periodic updates on your horse.

Trial Horse Sponsorship

Each month one or two horses come to our facility to be tried as a potential new member of our herd. These trial periods last for as long as two months, during which they are thoroughly vetted and tested in various scenarios with different stimulants, riders, and environments. The importance of trial horses is huge since it's during this time where the horse is tested for physical and mental endurance and safety. By sponsoring a trial horse for $600, you will be helping us ensure the best horses for all our riders' needs.

Interested parties should contact Dana Richardson, Equine Director. 

Thanks for your support!



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