Application Process

In order to be added to the waitlist, please fill out the questionaire below and return to our Registrar.Once we receive all completed documentation you will formally be added to either the Hippotherapy waitlist or the Adaptive Riding waitlist. Currently, the wait time is one-and-a-half to two years.

When a rider has reached the top of the wait list, they are contacted for follow-up paperwork. When this paperwork is completed, an assessment is scheduled. The assessment will be conducted by a licensed therapist or a PATH Intl. certified instructor depending on which program the rider is interested in participating in. The purpose of this assessment is to ensure each rider is appropriately placed into our program, ensuring that goals and strategies for success are identified early on. Only upon completion of this assessment will the therapist or instructor determine if a rider is eligible to register in our programs.

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Little Bit fee information

Precautions or contraindications for potential riders/patients

Please complete the following form and mail/email to our Registrar:

Little Bit intake questionaire

Riding experiences at Little Bit can lead to beneficial life changes as unique as each rider. Your support allows Little Bit to help build brighter futures and greater opportunities for each of our riders in a fun environment.